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INAF Administrative Location in Monte Mario

The Monte Mario Location of the INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome is located in the "villa di Parco Mellini", near to the Monte Mario top (about 139 meters on the sea level). It was built in 1923, after the closure of older observatories of "Campidoglio" and "Collegio Romano"; it was officially inaugurated in 1938. The Observatory is equipped with two main domes and a Solar Tower (in figure). This last facility is contains a celostato (a mirror instrument to follow the Sun in its daily motion), to perform physical observation of the Sun. (link)

Astronomical Museum and Copernican

In the Monte Mario structure is located the Astronomical Museum and Copernican, which contains an important historical collection of astronomical instruments, such as binoculars and telescopes (to observe astronomical images), sestantes (to measure the astronomical objects angular separation), microscopes, astrolabs, time measuring machines and others. It is also present a rich collection of Armillars Spheres (practical representation of celestial sphere) and terrestrial and celestial globes. A visitour may admire the famouses Mercatone and Cassini globes.

How to reach Monte Mario

The most convenient way to get to Rome (OAR Monte Mario) is to use public transports.

By Plane

  • From the airport "L. da Vinci" you may take a train from the Air Terminal to: the Railway Station Ostiense; these trains run at regular intervals of 20 minutes, and the tickets cost 7000 Italian Lira ( about 4 US$). Once you get off at the station, you have to get the near "Metro B Line" (Linea B) directed to Termini.
  • the Railway Station Termini (this is preferable); these trains run at regular intervals of 1 hour.
    Once you get off at the station Termini, follow the sign "Metro A Line" (Linea A); take the train directed to Ottaviano, where you must get off. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Ottaviano from Termini.
  • From the airport "Ciampino" you may take a COTRAL bus from the Air Terminal to the "Metro A Line" (Linea A); take the train directed to Ottaviano, where you must get off. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Ottaviano from Termini.

By Train

  • At the "Termini" railway station, you follow the sign "Metro A Line" (Linea A); take the train directed to Ottaviano, where you must get off. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Ottaviano from Termini.
    You may get a Metro ticket from a vending machine or from the ticket office. From the Ottaviano station you may take a bus ATAC 999 and go down to the Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro bus stop. The Monte Mario Observatory is reachable with a on-feet way of about 10 minutes starting from the Piazza delle Medaglie d'Oro (follow indications of " caffe` Zodiaco").

For maps of the local area, go to the following pages:

Phone, Fax and E-mail addresses

Full postal address:
Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
Sede di Monte Mario
via del Parco Mellini, 84
00136 Roma

Phone numbers:
++39-06-35533 Operator
++39-06-35347802 Fax

E-mail Addresses:
We are connected through Internet.
E-mail addresses are in the form
username generally coincides with the user surname, but this is not always true.
The e-mail addresses can be found in the Staff or Guests pages.

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