The Conference proceedings will be published as a volume

of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series.

We expect receiving your contribution following this scheme:

- Invited review: 10 pages

- Invited talk: 8 pages

- Oral contribution: 4 pages

- Poster: 2 pages.

We recommend that you respect this scheme.

The DEADLINE for the submission of contributions is SEPTEMBER 7, 2011.

No further delays will be allowed.

  All instructions and latex style files are available at:


(download the complete file or, if you prefer, both

manual2010.pdf and asp2010.sty files).

To submit your paper and media files contribution, you should name

all your files after the first author's name. Instructions for

naming files and submission procedure follows next:

[1] Latex file: first author's surname followed by the underscore

symbol and the initial, e.g., Smith_J.tex

[2] Following the ASP latex instructions you should produce a pdf

file of the whole paper, whose denomination is Smith_J.pdf

[3] Figures: first author surname followed by the underscore symbol

and the initial and the underscore symbol and Fig1 for Figure 1,

Fig2 for Figure 2, and so on, e.g., Smith_J_Fig1.eps.

Figures must be readable at small sizes. Color figures printing is

expensive so they are allowed just if the author's Institution PAYS

for it (the cost is 300 USD per color figure (or page). 

[4] Create a compressed archive with extension .tar.gz or .zip with

ALL your files inside. Note that we request the original latex file

(.tex), the resulting pdf file and all the associated figures


The name of the file should be (see example above) of the form:

Smith_J.tar.gz  or

[5] Send an email to the email address:


attaching your compressed archive.

Please, clearly state ``CEFALU contribution" in the subject header

of your message.

If you have any doubt or need, please, contact one of the editors:

  R. Capuzzo Dolcetta:

  M. Limongi:

  A. Tornambe':

or the cooperating editor

  G. Giobbi:

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