to be held in the Specola Vaticana
Castel Gandolfo, Italy

3 - 6 October 2005

The workshop on the topic "AGN AND GALAXY EVOLUTION" will take place at the Specola Vaticana
in Castel Gandolfo (Italy) on 3-6 October 2005.

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CentaurusA: a nearby elliptical galaxy with an AGN inside (left); An artists illustration of the putative
torus and highly collimated jet. (right)


A wealth of multi-wavelength deep, wide and time-resolved observations has provided in recent years
new information on the
properties of AGN. It has been revealed not only how the AGN phenomenon is
intimately connected with the formation of galactic
but also how AGN represent a necessary and influential phase in the evolution of galaxies.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together observers and theorists in this exciting research area to review, confront, and
discuss the recent progress in this field. This will be of great interest in order to improve our knowledge of AGN and galaxy
formation and evolution, as well as better understand the potential of AGN for future discoveries.


The workshop will take place at the Specola Vaticana in Castel Gandolfo, Italy in October 2005.
It will have a 4 day format and a maximum attendance of approximately 30-35 invited speakers.
The meeting will consist of invited review talks, af about 45 min each.
Every day 2 one-hour (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) sessions will be reserved for discussion.

We will have four sessions:

1) Properties of AGN
2) AGN and SMBH in the Early Universe
3) The (joint) evolution of AGN and Galaxies
4) Local AGN

  • Program of the Workshop

  • Download the poster (pdf, 4700k)

  • Castel Gandolfo

  • We plan to publish the Acta of the workshop on the Memorie of the SAIT.
    To facilitate the discussion at the workshop we
    suggest to make available a draft of your presentation
    a few weeks in advance of the workshop. We plan to collect all presentations
    on this workshop web site.
    The final version of the presentations will be collected after the workshop, hoping that

    discussions and interactions at the workshop will be as most fruitfull and will be reflected in the final papers.

    The Local Organizing Committe,
    Alessandro Omizzolo (Specola Vaticana) e-mail: omizzolo(at)
    Stefano Cristiani (INAF - Observatory of Trieste) e-mail: cristiani(at)
    Fabrizio Fiore (INAF - Observatory of Rome) e-mail: fiore(at)
    Andrea Grazian (INAF - Observatory of Rome) e-mail: grazian(at)

    The Scientific Organizing Committe:
    George Coyne
    Stefano Cristiani
    Luigi Danese
    Martin Elvis
    Fabrizio Fiore
    Reinhard Genzel
    Piero Madau
    Alessandro Omizzolo
    Martin Rees

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