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Evento Id: 470
Dove: Mysore, India
Data & Ora: 14-06-2012 10:00 (durata: 9 days)
Titolo: B0.6 - COSPAR 2012 - Astrobiology: Life Signs Detection within Planetary Exploration
Scientific Program Overview
Click on "Detailed Scientific Event Programs" in the left menu column for descriptions, organizers, etc.

Scientific Commission A

- How GEOSS Enables Global Integrated Earth System Science - invited speakers only
- Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics of Our Changing Planet
- Changes in the Open Ocean, the Coastal Zone and the Cryosphere
- Remote Sensing Observation of Land Processes, Resources and Natural Hazards

Scientific Commission B

- Lunar Science and Exploration
- Mars Exploration
- Active Natural Satellites in the Solar System
- Small Bodies Exploration: Past, Present and Future Space Missions
- Dust and Planetary Rings
- Astrobiology: Life Signs Detections within Planetary Exploration
- Mercury: The New View from Orbit
- Exploration of Venus
- Planetary Data Management and Exploitation
- Highlights in Solar System Research
- Seismology and Interior Structure and Dynamics of Planets and Satellites

Scientific Commission C

- Space Environment Standards from ISO
- Advances in Remote Sensing of the Middle and Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere from the Ground and from Space, including Sounding Rockets and Multi-Instrument Studies
- New Generation Middle and Upper Atmosphere Radars: Applications and Development
- Ionospheric Disturbances Observed through very low Frequency Radio Waves
- Recent Advances in Equatorial, Low- and Mid-Latitude Mesosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere Studies
- 9th Thermospheric-Ionospheric Geospheric (TIGER) Symposium
- Space and Ground-based Studies of the Coupled Solar
- Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
- The High Latitude Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere
- Whole Atmosphere Wave Coupling and Interaction Processes
- Advances in Research of Extra-Terrestrial Forcing on the Middle Atmosphere and Lower Ionosphere
- Planetary Atmospheres
- Planetary Upper Atmospheres, Ionospheres and Magnetospheres
- Modeling of Planetary Atmospheres
- Global and Regional Representation of Ionospheric Peak Parameters for Space Weather Applications
- Development of Models Related to the CIRA08 – COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere
- Active Experiments Related to Space Plasmas
- Space Applications of Dusty Plasmas

Scientific Commission D

- Highlights of the Heliosphere, the Sun, qnd Magnetospheres
- The 3-dimensional Heliosheath
- Galactic Cosmic Rays and their Anti-particles
- Acceleration of Anomalous Cosmic Rays
- CMEs in the Rising Phase of Solar Cycle 24
- Magnetic Reconnection in Astrophysics, at the Sun, in Magnetospheres, and in the Laboratory
- Solar Origin of the Heliospheric Magnetic Field
- Solar-Wind Fine Structure: Its Physical Properties, its Origin, and its Effect on the Earth’s Magnetosphere
- Space Climate
- Future Out-of-Ecliptic and In Situ Observations of the Sun and Solar Wind
- Multiscale Magnetospheric Processes: Theory, Simulations and Multipoint Observations
- Magnetic Substorms and Tail Dynamics
- Highlights of Magnetospheric Plasma Physics
- Acceleration Processes in the Magnetosphere
- Towards Understanding of Anomalous Dynamics of Magnetospheric Boundaries

Scientific Commission E

- Radio Meets Hard X-rays: Two Skies in Comparison
- Spectral and Timing Properties of Black Holes and Neutron Stars
- Multi-wavelength Studies of Compact Objects with Focus on ASTROSAT
- Unveiling Properties Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients
- Astrophysics with HMXBs
- Seyfert Galaxies: Known and the Unknown
- Beyond the Continuum-X-ray Line Spectroscopy of Compact Objects
- IR and Sub-mm Space Missions: Future Directions
- Impact of IR Surveys from Space
- The Far-infrared View on Galaxies
- GeV to TeV: the Extreme Universe
- Magnetars: the Extremes of Nature
- Probing the High Redshift Universe
- X-ray Polarimetry in Astrophysics
- Cosmic Ray Origins: Viktor Hess Centennial Anniversary
- Astrophysical Ejections Driven by Magnetic Reconnections
- Hot Stars, Galactic Star Formation and Cosmic Star Formation History: Ultraviolet Astrophysics Using Space Missions
- Exoplanets
- Unveiling the Role of Small Scales in Solar Dynamic Phenomena
- Flows and Waves in the Solar Atmosphere in the SDO Era
- SDO: New Science Highlights
- Non-Potentiality of the B Fields in Solar Active Regions: Inputs from Hinode/SOT and HMI/SDO Observations
- Coronal Heating
- Energetic Processes in Solar Eruptive Events

Scientific Commission F

- Gravitational Effects in Plants, Fungi and Unicells
- Experimental Radiation Biology for Space Exploration: Ground-based and In-flight Experiments
- Space Radiation Risk Assessment and Counter Measures: Physics and Biophysical Mechanisms, Modeling and Simulation
- CNS Effects of Cosmic Radiation and Hadron Therapy
- Radiation Measurements in Space – Detector Characterization, Modeling, Space and Ground-based Intercomparison
- Habitability in the Solar System
- Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origin of Life
- Advanced Instrumentation for Astrobiology: ISS, Mars and Beyond
- Life in Extreme Environments – Model Systems for Astrobiology
- Chemical Evolution of Star Forming Regions: Observations, Experiment and Theory
- Astrobiology and Astromaterials as Related to Small Bodies
- Closed Ecological Systems for Earth and Space
- Advanced Life Support Systems and Facilities
- Principles and Application of Mathematical and Computer Modelling CELSS
- Influence of Spaceflight Environment on Biological Systems
- Closure as a Specific Property of Manmade Ecosystems and Biospheres
- Genetic, Epigenetic and Metabolic Changes of Biosystems in Spaceflight and Simulated Spaceflight Environment
- Innovative Approaches to Space Agriculture
- Sustainable Systems for Life Support and Space Exploration through ISRU
- Psychological Performance in Long-duration Confinement and Space Flight
- Exercise and Protocol Prescriptions for the Musculoskeletal System in Space
- LBNP and other Countermeasures for Ground-based and Space Research
- Metabolic Effects of Nutritional Countermeasures in Space and Analog Studies
- Centrifuges in Gravitational Physiological Research
- Animal Models in Space-based Research

Scientific Commission G

- Gravitational Effects on Physico-Chemical Processes
- Drop Tower Days

Scientific Commission H

- Dark Energy and Dark Matter
- Study of Strong Gravity Using Gravitational and Electromagnetic Waves
- Technical Development of Instrumentation for Current Missions
- Preparations for LISA Pathfinder
- Future Fundamental Physics Missions
- Atomic Clocks and Atomic Sensors

Panels and Special Events

- Capacity Building in Solar and Sun-Earth Connection Studies
- Issues in Education for Space Sciences
- Teacher Training in Space Sciences and Astronomy
- Space Debris - Steps towards Environment Control
- Safeguarding Space Environments while Exploring and Using Space: Striking the Proper Balance
- A Vision for Space Exploration: Science as a Bridge Connecting Stakeholders
- Entry-level Space Exploration and Education Opportunities: Small Satellites and Suborbital Missions
- COSPAR Planetary Protection Policy and Implementation Guidelines
- Planetary Protection Mission Implementation and Status
- Planetary Protection Research and Development Activities
- Empirical and Statistical Models for the Radiation Belts
- Toward Predictive Physics-based Models of the Radiation Belts
- Scientific Ballooning: Recent Development in Technology and Instrumentation
- Satellite Dynamics for Earth and Solar System Sciences and Applications
- Space Weather: Fundamental Physics to Operational Forecasting
- Cross-disciplinary Challenges in Space Situational Awareness
- Space Weather Data: Observations and Exploitation for Research and Applications

Tipo di Evento: Congresso
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