25 Marzo 2017 [6:57]
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Evento Id: 402
STSM consortium
Data & Ora: 18-11-2011 0:00 (durata: 1 day)
Titolo: 4th Call for the STSM proposals
+++ 4th WORKING GROUPS MEETING November 2-4, 2011 Manchester / UK
Black Hole physics is both fundamental and broad ranging and hence multidisciplinary. The world's first open and flexible network on BH research will counteract the existing fragmentation of this research field. To attack the elementary and far-reaching demands posed by BH-related science, an overarching framework is required. It will connect astronomers from all wavelength regimes (from low energy radio bands up to ultra-high energies such as TeV), working on all mass scales of Black Holes, i.e. from the smallest structures up to the largest masses in the Universe (i.e. Quantum BHs to SMBHs), with physicists and particle physicists as well as theoreticians, observers and software and technology developers. By strengthening Europe's scientific networking capacities in BH research, Europe's leading role in the international competition will be enhanced. The collaboration of scientists and engineers in this Action will also catalyse an increase of European industrial competitiveness to meet the technological challenges of upcoming large-scale facilities (e.g. E-ELT, SKA).
Quantum BHs

Xavier Calmet: Working group on quantum black holes

Questions to be addressed include:

    What is the possibility of detecting the primordial BHs evaporating in our Galaxy and close neighbourhood to our Earth?
    What can we learn from Quantum BHs about the physics of the very early Universe?
    How can the problem of evaporation of the primordial BHs be modelled?
    Can Quantum BHs play a key role in the search for a quantum theory of gravity?
    What is the role of BH entropy?
    Is information being lost in BH evaporation?
    What is the emission of gravitons?
    Have Fermi-observations yielded any evidence or constraints for Gamma Ray Burst observations originating in the evaporation from Quantum BHs?

of the 4th Call for the STSM proposals has now been announced (the available 
amount of money this time is just 5 kEuro). The deadline for applications is 
November the 18th.
Tipo di Evento: Scadenza Proposal
Link: link
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