27 Marzo 2017 [4:52]
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Evento Id: 373
Dove: Sardinia, Italy
Data & Ora: 19-09-2011 10:00 (durata: 5 days)
Titolo: The extreme and variable high energy sky
Second announcement for a Workshop in Sardinia, Italy, celebrating 9 years
of INTEGRAL success in Space.

  "The extreme and variable high energy Sky"
   19-23 September 2011, Centro Congressi Chia Laguna, Sardegna


Duration: a week, including a free afternoon, starting from Monday 19th

Scientific rationale: A critically important region of the astrophysical
spectrum is the hard X-ray/gamma-ray band, from the keV to the GeV energy
range. In this band, an unusually rich range of astrophysical processes
occur: this is the energy domain where fundamental changes from thermal to
non-thermal sources/phenomena are expected, where the effects of
absorption are drastically reduced and a clearer picture of the Universe
is possible. This is also the energy range where most of the extreme
astrophysical behavior is taking place, e.g. cosmic acceleration,
explosions and accretion onto black holes and neutron stars; where
variability is more the rule than the exception and where a number of
instruments are actively working (e.g. INTEGRAL, SWIFT, Suzaku, MAXI,
AGILE, Fermi, HESS, MAGIC etc). These telescopes are providing an
unprecedented view of the high energy sky. Combined with data obtained at
lower energies from a number of satellites and ground based telescopes we
have for the first time the possibility of studying this extreme and
variable sky over a very broad energy band and with unprecedented

The following topics will be addressed:

1) Active Galaxies, with emphasis on Blazars
2) GRBs
3) Nucleosynthesis and Positron Sources
4) Accreting Sources (BHCs, NS Binaries, CVs)
5) Isolated NS, Pulsars, Magnetars
6) Particle Accelerators (including TeV/GeV X-ray sources)
7) Diffuse Emission (Galactic, Extragalactic)
8) X/gamma-rays as a tool (including  polarimetry and other experimental

Special guest: the Crabby Crab and Polarimetric Studies

Invited speakers: to be announced soon on the web page.

There will be room for oral contributions as well as posters.
We plan to have Proceedings most probably via PoS.

Please, visit the workshop web page to get detailed informations:

****************IMPORTANT DATES***********************



Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

SOC: L. Bassani (Co-Chair), A. Bazzano (Co-Chair), S. Brandt, R. Diehl,
M.Falanga,  N. Gehrels, S. Grebenev, W. Hermsen, M. Hernanz, , P.
Kretschmar, F. Lebrun, M. Mas-Hesse, M. McConnell,  G. Palumbo, J. Paul,
K. A. Postnov, J.P. Roques, N. Schartel, R. Sunyaev, P. Ubertini, E. van
den Heuvel, R. Walter, J. Wilms,  C. Winkler 
Tipo di Evento: Workshop
Link: link
Presentazioni Disponibili:
Non fornita

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