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Evento Id: 333
ESF-European Science Foundation
Dove: COST - council of the european union
Data & Ora: 25-05-2011 0:00 (durata: 1 day)
Titolo: 3rd CALL for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)
3rd CALL for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs)

Deadline for the applications: 25 May 2011
Total budget of STSM-grants for this call: 10.000 Euro (max 1300 Euro
per STSM).
The STSM has to be completed before 31.12.2011


The applicant could be PhD student, a PostDoc or staff member in an
institution located in a COST Country 
of our Action (these countries are listed
The Applicant must obtain the agreement of the host institution before
submitting the STSM application.

STSM grantees must make their own arrangements for all health, social,
personal security and pension matters.


The home and the host institution can be organizations of either the public
or the private sector. 
An STSM may only be approved from a home institution in a COST country of
the Action to a host 
institution in a COST country of the Action. Please note that applications
for an STSM from a COST country of the
Action to non-COST Institutes associated with out Action will also be
(for a list of such Institutes please

Applicants from the non-COST institutes of our Action please contact the
STSM Coordinator for more
advise as to how to proceed with your application

Visits from an Institution of COST country to an Institute of the same
country cannot be supported. 


There is a minimum duration of 5 working days for the proposed STSM.


The financial support provided by the STSM scheme is intended to cover a
part, but not necessarily all, 
of the costs of the proposed visit. The financial contribution for a STSM
will be a fixed grant based on the 
Applicant's budget request and the evaluation of the application by the STSM
assessment committee.
Indicative values for the requested amount for daily allowance and
travel expenses are 60 Euro and 300 Euros, 
respectively, although there is not strict maximum limit on these. However,
the total amount requested per STSM 
shall not exceed 1300 Euro. 

Advanced payment is not possible.


A formal STSM application has to be sent by e-mail to the STSM coordinator
of the Action MP0905 -- 
Iossif Papadakis . The application should consist of:

a) a cover letter, where the applicant should clearly indicate the science
most relevant to the application (this topic should be one of the 4 science
topics which are defined within each of the 4 working groups of the Action; 
for more info on the science topics please visit the web page of the

b) A copy of the "COST STSM Application form" that has to be submitted by
applicant using the on-line registration tool:

The following information has to be provided on line:
- Applicants data: name, work place, address etc.
- The planned dates and duration of the STSM
- Information about the proposed STSM: title, short description etc.
- A short CV
- A requested budget
- Bank details

c) A description/work-plan of the proposed visit (in PDF format); no more
than 2
A4 pages. Applicants must mention if they have already been granted a
STSM grant, and they should also provide the Host Institute name, the name
of the 
scientist in the Host Institute they collaborated with, and the dates of
previous STSM visit. 

d) A detailed CV,

e) A letter of acceptance from the Host institute of the STSM 

f) A letter from either the Host or Home institute indicating any extra
financial support that may be given to the applicant, if (applicable),


g) in the case of applicants who are PhD students, a support letter for
the proposed visit from their advisor. 

The deadline for applications in response to this call is: 25 MAY 2011.


The assessment of the STSM applications will be carried out by a
selection committee (STSM coordinator, Chair & 
Vice-chair and WG Leaders). The committee will inform the Grant Holder of
the successful evaluated proposals on 15
June 2011.

The Grant holder will subsequently inform the successful applicants until
23rd of Jun of the outcome of the evaluation process
by sending them a pre-approval letter of the STSM notifying the level of the
financial grant given. The Applicant hast to notify
acceptance of the grant by returning the letter, with his/her signature,
until 30th of June 2011.


AFTER the STSM is completed


The grantee is required to submit to the STSM coordinator (Iossif Papadakis
) within 4 weeks after the completion of the STSM a
scientific report with the following information:

- Description of the work carried out during the STSM
- Description of the main results achieved
- Future collaboration with the host institute (if applicable)
- Foreseen publications (if applicable)
- Confirmation by the host institute of the successful execution of the STSM
(as a separate e-mail message)
- Other comments (if any)

Please note that successful applicants will be invited to prepare a short
cover story 
(with photos preferably) to be placed on the Action Webpage, after the
completion of the STSM.


The STSM coordinator will approve the final report, and will sent a "notice
completion" of the STSM, together with the short scientific report, to the
Grant Holder. 
The Grant Holder will then execute the payment of the fixed grant directly
to the 
grantee or the host institute, as requested in the application.

Iossif Papadakis
(STSM Coordinator of the COST Action MP0905)
Tipo di Evento: Scadenza Proposal
Link: link
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