22 Gennaio 2019 [11:38]
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Evento Id: 309
Dove: SESTO (BZ) Italy
Data & Ora: 27-06-2011 10:00 (durata: 6 days)
you are officially  invited to participate to the workshop
"CANDELS IN THE HIGH REDSHIFT UNIVERSE"  which will take place in
SESTO (BZ) Italy, from the 27 June till the 2nd of July.

Below you will find some practical information on travel
and hotels but please feel free to contact us if you
need any help and further clarification.

We remark that this will be  a very informal workshop, quite different
  from a normal conference, and  with a flexible format.
At the moment our  plan is to have short contributions with  plenty of
time for discussion  in the morning and smaller, more
focused working groups  in  the afternoon.

Each participant  will have a desk in one of the offices of the conference
center  (each office will be shared by  ~2-3 people)
and will be able to do actual work during the week.


-High-redshift galaxy evolution: star-formation rates, ages,
  metallicities, stellar-masses
  and dust content of galaxies at the end of the reionization era z ~ 6 - 10.
-The bright end of the luminosity function at redshift ~ 6, 7 and 8
-The evolution of stellar mass, dust and metallicity at z = 4 - 8
-Clustering of high redshift galaxies
-High redshift AGNs
-Galaxy structure and morphology,

At the moment the organization and format are  still open so we invite you to:

1. send us the title (and extremely short abstract) of your proposed

2. send us a possible title  for a small-group discussion session
    (that you might want to lead)


To register for the meeting and/or send  your proposed contribution/discussion
sessions  write an email to:


Due to the limited number of participants we can accept, we ask you to  
as soon as possible and in any case before the 28th of February.


There are a number of different possibilities very close to the
conference site, ranging  from small pensions to top ranked hotels.
We suggest that we all book in only one or two places since in
this way it will be possible to obtain further discounts.

At the moment the organization has reserved rooms in the following hotels
(reported are also the daily rates for *Half board*

Hotel St Veit (****)  single 83   double 80(per person)

Hotel Tre Cime (****) single 86   double 76(per person)

Hotel Waldheim (***S)  single 63  double 58(per person)

Hotel Strobl (*** depandance)     double 45(per person)

Family Hotel Rainer (****S)       double 80(per person)

The first 4 Hotels  are all within 1-2 minutes  walking distance from
  the conference site, while from  the Family Hotel Rainer you do
need a car to reach the conference place (there is also a bus service).

To make a reservation you can directly contact the hotel by phone.

NOTE: The cheapest accommodation  in the list is Hotel Strobl, and if
you plan to book this,  you should contact us as soon as possible
  given the limited  number of rooms. In the past years this
was booked for students.

There are also many more possibilities for smaller pensions and
for renting flats in the village of Sesto  (both options
can be much cheaper).


If you plan to come with your family  there might be the possibility
to place your children at the childcare facility organized by the
Sesto town-hall for the summer period, which is in the same building where
the workshop will take place (the local primary school).


The nearest airport is Bolzano (Bozen)
 From here you can take a train  that brings you to San Candido where you
can be fetched by the hotel minivan and in 5 minutes you will be in Sesto

Other convenient airports are Venice Milan and Munchen

We might try to arrange collective transportation from the main
airports if needed. More detailed informations on transportation will be sent
in a future email or on request.


In the next few days all relevant informations will be posted at
(Sexten Center for astrophysics )

Home page of local tourist board  with lots of useful info

Sexten Touristic Association:
Via Dolomiti, 45; I-39030
Sesto Pusteria (Bolzano), Italy
Tel. +39 0474 710310

List of hotels/pensions in the area

Looking forward to seeing you in Sesto 
Tipo di Evento: Workshop
Link: link
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