Presentations of the JEDI meeting At the Capodimonte observatory

April, 9-10 2015


Progress reports of the three units

J.M.Alcala: activity of the UdR Na-ca-pa

  1. C.Codella: activity of the UDR Fi

  1. B.Nisini: activity of the UDR Roma

early protostellar phases

  1. C.codella: hh212 anatomy: story of a protostellar series

  1. F.Fontani:  Deuterated molecules: a powerful chemical filter for recently evaporated gas

  1. E.Bianchi: The ch3cho/hdco ratio as a tool to study the COMs formation


  1. B.Nisini: Jets evolution and connection with slow winds

  1. F.Bacciotti: DExterous: new observational and theoretical challanges

  1. S.Bonito: shocks in accretion/ejection processes: observations, models, and laboratory experiments

  1. T.Giannini: chemical inventory in the hh1 object

disk accretion and ysos

  1. C.manara: accretion and wind proxy throughout disk evolution

  1. S.Antoniucci: HI lines in lupus pms objects

J.M. Alcala: Searching for accreting planets

  1. K.Biazzo: A study of accretion in the L1615/L1616 cometary cloud

  1. A.frasca: a study of YSOs in the gamma2-vel and chaI clusters

  1. T.Giannini: the exorcism project

  1. D.Fedele: On the importance of the cloud properties in disk accretion

  1. E.rigliaco: JEDI-Gas in disks: probing stellar accretion with mid-IR hydrogen lines

disks physical and chemical properties

  1. M.tazzari: a new fitting tool to constrain dust grain size distribution and disc properties with alma and jvla observarions

  1. G.guidi: dust properties across the co snowline in HD163296

  1. l.Podio: disks and jets chemistry: pdbi and alma results and perspectives with ska