JEDI - JEts and Disks@INAF


The goal of the JEDI group is to make  a fundamental contribution to the research of the circumstellar disk evolution making use of the different competences of the involved researchers. Our coordinated and synergic approach is the most suited to study the complicated interplay and mutual relationship among the involved physical processes, which include mass accretion, jets and disk structure, and their evolution.

The JEDI group collects professional researchers and associates of the Italian  Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) working in the field of protoplanetary disks and jets in young stars. The group involves five INAF structures (OAR, OAA, OANa, OACt and OAPa) and its aim is to join together experienced  observational researchers in complementary areas to tackle the key topic of the evolution of circumstellar disks eventually leading to the formation of planetary systems.

The physical properties and chemical composition of planets, eventually influencing the formation of life, are settled well before the planet is fully formed and are strictly linked to the evolution of gas and dust in the circumstellar disk created at the time of the star formation.  Several phenomena, including active mass accretion and ejection of matter in the form of jets, play a crucial role in shaping the protoplanetary disk structure and composition, settling the initial conditions for planet formation.