GIPSY - Preprints

  RR Lyrae Variables in Galactic globular cluster: IV. Synthetic HB and RR Lyrae prediction

by Cassisi, S., Castellani, M., Caputo, F., Castellani, V., 2004, to be published on A&A

  On the Horizontal Branch of the Galactic Globular NGC2808

by Castellani, V., Zoccali, M., Bono, G., Iannicola, G., Cassisi, S., Buonanno, R., 2004, to be published on A&A

  On the Anomalous Red Giant Branch of the globular cluster Omega Centauri

by Freyhammer, L.M., Monelli, M., Bono, G., Cunti, P., Ferraro, I., Calamida, A., Degl'Innocenti, S., Prada Moroni, P.G., Del Principe, M., Piersimoni, A., Iannicola, G., Stetson, P.B., Andersen, M.I., Buonanno, R., Corsi, C.E., Dall'Ora, M., Petersen, J.O., Pulone, L., Sterken, C., and Storm, J. , 2004

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