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"GIPSY: member of a wandering ....people, who move  about in caravans and make camps from time to time, and earn living by collecting scrap materials........ ":
Oxford Advanced Dictionary.

Gipsy  originates from  a  project (P.I. Filippina Caputo) financed by Consorzio Nazionale di Astronomia ed Astrofisica (C.N.A.A.) aiming to make available to the national and international scientific community the theoretical framework which has been developed all along these years by a  well established cooperation among  researchers belonging to different italian scientific institutions:

INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (OAC, Napoli),
INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Collurania (OACT, Teramo),
INAF - Astronomical Observatory of Rome (OAR),
   Physics Department, University of  Pisa


The growing amount of  theoretical predictions concerning both the evolutionary and the pulsational behaviour of stellar structures  is already forming a body of information covering  all the major evolutionary phases for stars of different populations, worth to be organized in a manageable form  to the advantage of the GIPSY group itself as well as  of  all possible external users.

We feel that taking a precise memory of the various theoretical results will be of use not only in comparing theory with observational data, but also to make clear to the users the effects of the various options on which every theoretical prediction does rely. In the meantime, we hope that  GIPSY will stimulate the comparison  among the results from different groups, improving  our general understanding  (and confidence) of the worldwide  produced evolutionary scenarios. To this last pourpose, GIPSY will give sometime  detailed tabulations (BIGTAB) of the structural parameters, only of interest for comparison with parallel computations.

 Future GIPSY developments.

While using GIPSY to record  the large body of theoretical predictions we are dealing with, we plan to develop the handling of the data base till reaching the ultimate goal (SUPER-GIPSY)  of allowing the common user  not to search for the appropriate  results but to enter  only some basic parameters, as age and chemical composition of the  stars, to obtain  detailed theoretical predictions, covering  both the distribution of stars in the CM diagram  and the expected properties of  variable stars belonging to this population.


Here you can find a list of preprints for people interested in GIPSY and in the population synthesis topic.

Enter in the GIPSY database.

By using this WEB page, the user can retrieve several data of both evolutionary, pulsational and population synthesis computations which have been produced by the group of researchers involved in the project.

In order to make easier the search, the database has been organized so that if the user knows the exact reference of the paper where the requested data have been published, he can look for by using the publication list, otherwise we suggest to search by using the list of contents.. Latest addictions to the archive are also listed in the new entries page.

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