Social Events

SOC: Angela Bongiorno (OAR), Fabrizio Fiore (OAR), Nick Scoville (Caltech), Roberto Maiolino (KICC),

          Martin Elvis (CfA), Pepi Fabbiano (CfA), Linda Tacconi (MPE)

LOC:  Angela Bongiorno, Marco Faccini, Veronica Sommariva, Giuliana Giobbi, Alessandra Lamastra, Tiziana Di Salvo, Luciano Burderi, Antonino Ancona

Social Dinner:

The Social Dinner will take place on Wednesday June 26th at the Restaurant L’agorá di Segesta located in Segesta  with panoramic views on the temple. 

The price for the Social Dinner is 50 EURO per person and includes bus transportation, visit at the Segesta archeological park and dinner. Special kids menu is available upon request for 25 EURO.

If you have special food request please let us know!

Friday Activities:

On friday, June 28th, we have the day off to enjoy the area! There are three main activities organized you can choose from.

Payment for this activities can be done later, but for logistic purpose it would be important for us to know in advance how many people are interested in such activity. Therefore, we ask you to fill the registration form indicating if you plan to join or not.

  1. 1)Boat Trip:

Boat trip for the entire day around the Castellammare Gulf. The trip is from 10am to 6.30pm and includes two or more stops in the beautiful bays between Castellammare and San Vito, lunch on board and cocktail at sunset. The price for this trip is 65 euros for the registered participants and 100 euros for family members (minimum age is 5 years).

Since for this activity the number of available places is limited ... first come, first serve! 

  1. 2)Visit and lunch at the “Saline” Reserve

The trip is from 12:30am to 8.00pm and includes a typical lunch from the Trapani area, the visit of the “Salt Museum”, a walking tour inside the salt natural reserve in collaboration with WWF and “Aperitivo” at Relais Antiche Saline while relaxing during sunset. The price for this trip is 45 euros for both the registered participants and family members.

  1. 3)Wine tasting tour:

The trip is from 05:00pm to 9.30pm and includes a walking tour through the vineyard and the olive grove with a brief explanation about the different grape variety, the methods used to produce wine and the origin and the history of the place, a tour of the historic Florio winery and a wine tasting of different local wines served with typical products of the area. The price for this trip is 15 euros for both the registered participants and family members. The price for kids with age below 10 is 5 euros.

Alternatively you can organize your own day getting ideas from the “Other Activities” webpage (don’t hesitate to ask for help!)


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