24 - 28 June 2013

Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, ITALY


A major development in extragalactic astrophysics in recent years has been the realization that Active Galactic Nuclei, which indicate accretion events onto Supermassive Black Holes (SMBH), may play a fundamental role in the formation and evolution of Galaxies.

Understanding the physics that drive the growth of SMBH across cosmic time is therefore important for having a complete picture of galaxy formation. The processes of galaxy and BH evolution can no longer be regarded as separate, as was the case until about 10 years ago, but need to be studied in conjunction.

Despite the increasing evidence for the importance of SMBH growth in galaxy formation, we have just started exploring the physical processes at play. The nature of AGN feedback, it’s   relation to the fueling mode of the SMBH, and ultimately its real impact upon kpc or even Mpc scales are still debated.

The aim of the conference is to shed light on these issues from both the observational and theoretical point of view. We would like the researchers of the field, both observers and theoreticians, to exchange their latest results, present the state-of-the-art view of our understanding of SMBH evolution across cosmic time, and discuss possible future developments.

SOC: Angela Bongiorno (OAR), Fabrizio Fiore (OAR), Nick Scoville (Caltech), Roberto Maiolino (KICC),

          Martin Elvis (CfA), Pepi Fabbiano (CfA), Linda Tacconi (MPE)

LOC:  Angela Bongiorno, Marco Faccini, Veronica Sommariva, Giuliana Giobbi, Alessandra Lamastra, Tiziana Di Salvo, Luciano Burderi, Antonino Ancona

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